The Principle values that inspired the creation of Realtime Property Management come from long term, first-hand experience in balancing the management of a Community Association. One of the most important contributions that Realtime Property Management brings to relationships is to instill confidence with Boards, Committees and Owners. Each Association’s concerns and projects are carefully reviewed and addressed by experienced personnel with a sense of urgency and attention to detail.

We educate new and existing owners of the opportunity they have to participate in their Community as well as the responsibilities of the Board and Realtime Property Management, in resolving their concerns. This approach helps to influence pride in their homes and their Communities. These methods reaffirm to the Community the extra efforts taken by their Board of Directors and Realtime Property management in creating the unique and rewarding lifestyle they enjoy.

We are guests on your property and treat it with respect and dignity, upholding your ideals of creating value.

Realtime Property Management supports the Board of Directors by handling all of the day to day operations. We help the Board develop a philosophy for enforcement and identifying maintenance standards for each community. We help the Board of Directors formulate short and long-term goals and maintenance plans with the Community’s best interests in mind. We provide accurate problem solving from our knowledgeable managers and vendor resources with full support of our accounting staff on a tailored level for our Communities.